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23.07 "Cooperative particles: Patchy colloids, active matter and nanofluids", a new Geilo Advanced Study Institute, the 23rd in a row of schools since 1971, will be arranged at Bardola Hotel, Geilo, Norway on March 16-26, 2015. More information will come soon.

23.05 "Electroformation of Janus and patchy capsules", by Rozynek, Mikkelsen, Dommersnes and Fossum from Complex-NTNU was published in the prestigious journal  Nature Communications. This publication has attracted a lot of interest and has been featured in e.g. ScienceDaily, Phys.Org, Daily News and Gemini.

03.04 An extended review of "1/f noise: Implications for solid-state quantum information" written by Prof. Y. Galperin (Compex-UiO) and coworkers has  been published in Reviews of Modern Physics.

March University of Wollongong, Australia honours Tom H. Johansen, UiO as Honorary Professorial Fellow.

February 17-22 3rd International Workshop on Complex Physical Phenomena in Materials, Pontifica Unversidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, PUC-Rio, Brazil organized by Marcio Carvalho (PUC-Rio de Janeiro) and Jon Otto Fossum (Complex-NTNU, Norway).


Dec. The Complex-UiO superconductivity research group of Johansen and Galperin has presented a series of results in leading journals, e.g., on voltage pulses from flux avalanches and on thermo-magnetic stability.

18.12 Prof. Tom H. Johansen of Complex-UiO was awarded an  honorary doctorate, "Doctor of Science - honoris causa", at the University of Wollongong located near Sydney in Australia. 

13.08 The company GIAMAG Technologies AS has been established as a spin-off from Institute for Energy Technology  (IFE) based on research performed in the Complex-IFE group.

31.07 The research on "Designer droplets" by members of Complex-NTNU has been highlighted by NTNU as a technology breakthrough.

July Prof. J .O.  Fossum from Complex-NTNU is Convener of Symposium: "Self-organization from Clay Particles: From Nano to Macro" as part of 15th International Clay Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 7-11, 2013, and also gives invited plenary talk at the conference.

27.05 The international workshop on Soft Matter Physics And Biomembranes took place at University of Iceland in Reykjavik, May 21-24, 2013. The event was organized by the Nordic Network in Soft Matter Physics (NordSoft) and the Nordic Network for Dynamic Biomembrane Research.

22.03 The 22nd Geilo Advanced Study Institute ("Geilo school") on Soft Matter Confinement: From Biology to Physics took place in Bardola hotel, Geilo, Norway on March 11 - 21. There were about 70 participants from 19 countries with presentation by 15 internationally well-known specialists in the field.


19.09 In the September issue of Soft Matter World the Laboratory for soft and complex matter studies, a part of COMPLEX@NTNU, was described in this month's feature article. Soft Matter World describes the latest research in clay-based materials and soft, complex materials.

31.08 A paper about  swelling transition in clay written by a group of Complex scientists has just been published in the new open access journal Scientific Reports by Nature.com.

02.07 The activities for Complex at  the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) in Oslo ended on June 30. During the 2011-12 academic year Complex arranged six international workshops, and proceedings from these can now be found on the COMPLEX@CAS web page. Several scientists from around the world also visited CAS for shorter or longer periods during this year.

16.05 The workshop booklet for the  International Workshop on Soft Matter Physics & Complex Flows next week in Svolvær, Norway is now available.

30.03 The International Workshop on Soft Matter Physics & Complex Flows will be arranged in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway on May 20-22, 2012. The workshop is organized by COMPLEX - CAS and the Nordsoft network sponsored by NordForsk.

21.03 The international workshop Quantum systems in complex environments will take place at the Centre for Advanced Study  in Oslo during the period May 16‐19, 2012.

12.03 The MarchCOMeeting’12: Complex matter physics: materials, dynamics and patterns, Havana, Cuba, March 6-9, 2012, which was co-organized by the University of Havana and the Complex CAS group, was a great success with about 80 participants: Meeting booklet

06.02 The "2nd International Workshop on Complex Physical Phenomena in Materials" was co-organized by COMPLEX at Hotel Armação, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil on January 31 - February 3, 2012. The workshop was very well attended, and the abstract booklet is freely available.

27.01 A paper on "Intermittent Flux Behavior in Superconducting Films" from the superconductivity group of Complex-UiO just appeared in the prestigious Physical  Review X.


10.12 The 2nd International Workshop on Complex Physical Phenomena in Materials will take place at Hotel ARMAÇÃO in Porto de Galinhas - PE, Brazil on January 31- February 3, 2012.  The conference is jointly organized by Complex CAS and Departemento de  Fisica, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

10.10 The MarchCOMeeting’12: Complex matter physics: materials, dynamics and patterns will be arranged in Havana, Cuba on March 6-9, 2012. This workshop is arranged by Complex Systems, Physics Faculty, University of Havana in collaboration with the Complex CAS, Oslo and sponsored by CAS and the Research Council of Norway.

27.09 The kick-off meeting for the Complex group at CAS in the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters was arranged on September 26  with participation of CAS members and students.

16.08 The first Complex CAS  workshop will take place in Øystese near Bergen, Norway from August 29 until September 2. The topic of this international workshop is Complex Phenomena in Superconductors and Magnetic Systems.

15.08 Complex has been awarded a prestigeous Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for the academic year 2011/2012. The Centre wiill be headed by Prof. Tom H. Johansen from Complex-UiO. Eleven scientist from abroad will be at the Complex CAS for shorter or longer time periods during the next 11 months, and there will be organized nine workshops on various topics within soft and complex matter physics.

28.06 The 1st Nordic Workshop on Soft Matter Physics is arranged in Aarhus, Denmark on June 28 - July 1.  This workshop is one of the activities within the NORDSOFT network headed from Complex-NTNU.

08.06 The Complex collaboration has submitted an application to the Research Council of Norway for funding for a Centre of Excellence with the theme "Physics for the Energy Future".  Such centre formation was recommended by the recent evaluation of Norwegian physics research. 

01.04 The 21st Geilo Advanced Study Institute ("Geilo school") on Cooperative Phenomena in Flows will be take place in Bardola hotel, Geilo, Norway on April 4-14. This is the 40 years jubilee of the school which gathers about 80 students from all over the world to listen to presentation by 15 internationally well-known specialists in the field.

26.01 The 8th Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter organized by Complex-IFE is arranged at Kjeller, Norway on January 26-27. There will be about 65 participant, mainly from the Nordic countries.


06.12 The Complex network was well represented at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston Nov. 29 - Dec. 3 giving one invited talk and five other presentations.

08.11 International Workshop on CO2 and Fluids in Nanoscience organized by Complex and ICCMP, UnB will be arranged at the University of Brasilia in Brazil on December 7-10, 2010. Also on December 14-17, 2010 Complex-NTNU and DP/Universidade Federal de Pernambuco arrange an International Workshop on Complex Physical Phenomena in Materials at Golden Tulip Palace Hotel in Recife, Brazil.

15.10 The company CondAlign AS has been established by Institute for Energy Technology, Kjeller in order to commercialize nanomaterials technology developed by the Complex-IFE group.

24.09 The Complex Physics Days 2010 are arranged at NTNU Trondheim, September 27 - October 1, 2010.

27.08 COMPLEX is organizing a mini-workshop on Complex Matter Physics at NTNU, Trondheim, September 20-21, 2010. Abstracts for the talks can be found here.

02.07 Nordic Network in Soft Matter Physics headed by J.O. Fossum of Complex-NTNU has been selected as a Nordic Research Network 2010-2013 by NordForsk.  The network includes 12 research groups within soft condensed matter physics in four Nordic countries, involving about 85 scientists.

23.06 The Conference on Computational Physics - CCP-2010  is arranged at NTNU, Trondheim 23-26 June with two Complex group scientists - A. Hansen and  E.G. Flekkøy - as chairmen and main organizers.

23.04 Kick-off meeting for a new Complex project entitled "Sorption and migration of CO2 in porous media".  The project which will be running for four years, involves five new PhDs and postdocs and a total budget of about 23 MNOK. It is financed by the CLIMIT program of the Research Council of Norway.

April 2010 Elisabeth Bouchaud is visiting the Complex-NTNU group until September. She has been elected The Onsager Professor of 2010 at NTNU.

26.01 NTNU students in the Complex  group "weightless above France".  News in the newspaper "Adresseavisen" about one of our research projects (in Norwegian).


18.12 The Complex group has been awarded a large research grant from the CLIMIT program of the Research Council of Norway.  This four years grant on the project "Sorption and migration of CO2 in porous media" will allow us to extend and increase our research activities within CO2 storage and environmental technology in general, and it involves scientists at all the three Complex partner institutions.

07.12 A paper on  "Quickclay and Landslides of Clayey Soils" was recently published in the Physical Review Letters by members of Complex.  The publication of this paper has been highlighted by the University of Amsterdam.

04.12 The COMPLEX  groups presented six talks and posters at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston this week. Nearly half of the participants from Norway came from Complex.

11.11 A team of student from the Complex group at NTNU has participated in the European Space Agency's "Fly your thesis" program and performed their study of the flow of clay nanoparticles in salty water  in the ESA Microgravity Laboratory "Zero-G"  inside an Airbus A300. This has been highlighted,  e.g., at  Norsk  Romsenter  (in  Norwegian).

29.10 The Complex Activity Report 2009 (PDF, 18 MB)  is now available. It describes all our research projects and recent publications.

16.06 The seminar yesterday in Lillehammer on Condensed Matter and Complex Systems was a success with 14 invited or contributed talks and more than 30 participants. The abstracts of the talks can be found here.

11.06 COMPLEX has been selected as a partner at the Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for 2011/2012. The centre will be headed by Tom Henning Johansen and the topic is Complex Matter Science

29.05 The program for the NFS-Complex seminar in Lillehammer on June 15, 2009 is now available

13.04 Our research on the properties of clay suspensions was highlighted in Forskning.no: Leire i fritt fall

03.04 The Geilo Advanced Study Institute ("the Geilo School") with IFE as an organizer and COMPLEX as a main sponsor ended successfully today. This 20th school had about 70 participants from more than 20 countries.

12.03  COMPLEX is arranging a one-day seminar on Monday June 15 at Lillehammer SAS Hotel. The seminar is arranged in collaboration with the Condensed Matter Division of the Norwegian Physical Society as a satellite meeting to the Nanomat conference 2009.

06.03  Two articles written by Complex team members have recently been published in the prestigeous journal Physical Review Letters (no. 1, no. 2 )

01.03 One Complex member in Scientific Comittee of  14th International Clay Conference, Castellaneta M., Italy, June 14-20,
2009, and Convener of Session NM8: Self-assembly from Clay Particles:
 From Nano to Macro

25.02  Funding for the project  Properties of carbon cone particles and nanocarbon materials has been awarded from the Frinat program of the Research Council of Norway.

13.01 Norwegian Space Centre: Norwegian students become weightless

12.01 ESA announces that two student from Complex NTNU have been selected to perform experiments in Zero G 

12.01  COMPLEX is arranging the 20th Geilo ASI school at Bardøla Hotel 23 March - 2 April 2009: Order, Robustness and Instabilities in Complex Systems


12.12  Funding for the project Complex systems and soft materials has been awarded from the Frinat program of the Research Council of Norway.